Outfit Rental Contract

    This agreement represents the complete terms and conditions between Bhangra Empire and the Client below:

    Please make sure to read all terms and conditions on this page before signing and submitting the form. By signing below you are agreeing to and accepting all terms and conditions on this page.

    Terms and Conditions

    Bhangra Empire shall provide:
    a. Each Boys Bhangra Outfit will include 1 Kurta, 1 Chadara, 1 Vest, 1 Pagh, 1 Pagh Patti, and 1 Hip Patti
    b. Each Girls Bhangra Outfit will include 1 Kameez, 1 Salwaar, 1 Vest, and 1 Chunni
    c. If you chose to include accessories, each outfit will also include 1 set of Kentay (necklace), and 1 set of Phuman (arm bands)

    Client shall provide:
    a. Payment to Bhangra Empire, in a fee of $25 per Outfit
    b. Additional $5 per person to rent matching jewelry
    c. A security deposit by check equal to $25. The deposit is processed only in the event that items are damaged or missing. Otherwise, the check will be shredded or returned.
    d. Total payment and security deposit at the time the Bhangra Outfits are received.

    Bhangra Outfits will be delivered to the Client prior to the Dance Off and will be returned to Bhangra Empire by Monday, April 1st.
    If Bhangra Outfits are received by Bhangra Empire after the date stated above, the Client will be charged an additional $5 per Outfit per day. A visual inspection will be made with the Client during the transfer of Bhangra Outfits and Payment. If, upon return, Bhangra Empire determines that an Outfit has been damaged, the Client will be charged the total cost for any necessary mending or replacement items. If an Outfit is determined to be beyond repair, the Client will be responsible for the total cost of a replacement Outfit.

    Other Terms and Conditions:
    a. Outfits are brand new. It is assumed that the Client will treat them with great care.
    b. Bhangra Empire will do its best to accommodate size requests.
    c. Bhangra Outfits may NOT be altered. Any sizing adjustments may be done by pinning. Outfits must be returned to the original size as they were rented. Major alterations must be approved in advance by Bhangra Empire.
    d. Outfits may not be written on, painted, dyed, taped, stapled, glued or cut under any circumstances.
    e. The replacement cost for lost or destroyed Outfits is four times the rental fee.  Paid rental fees do not apply toward replacement cost. 
    f. Bhangra Empire uses a tagging system for tracking and inventory purposes. Do not remove or alter any tags from any of the rented items. If any tag is missing or altered, a $5.00 per tag charge will be assessed.
    g. Bhangra Outfits are due back to Bhangra Empire by return date listed in this Agreement.