A structured approach to teaching bhangra broken down into easy movements making the learning process Both fun and Challenging


Bhangra is an exciting, energetic, colorful dance form! But it also can be intimidating for newcomers. Our vision is to make Bhangra more accessible for all people, regardless of skill level. Our classes cater specifically to beginner levels, advanced levels, and everything in between!


As a dance form, we feel that people should have an option to learn Bhangra consitently, regardless of their location. Though we are currently based out of the Bay Area, California, our goal is to expand our offerings to other locations within North America, and ultimately offer classes all over the world!

Who is Bhangra Empire?

Bhangra Empire is a Bay Area dance team that does “bhangra,” a folk dance from the Punjab region of India and Pakistan. Established in 2006, we have taken this traditional dance form and made it contemporary by fusing it with very high energy and exciting elements. Members of the team hail from all over the Bay Area including Dublin, San Ramon, Sunnyvale, San Jose, Fremont, Palo Alto, and San Francisco. For more information on Bhangra Empire, visit our official website HERE!


Bhangra Empire had the honor of performing at President Barack Obama’s First State Dinner in 2009. In 2010, Bhangra Empire was featured in Harper's Bazaar Magazine along side First Lady Michelle Obama. The team has also been featured on Season 5 of America's Got Talent. Locally, Bhangra Empire has also performed at halftime of the Golden State Warriors game for 5 straight years.Along with that, we have also competed at and placed in countless Bhangra competitions across North America!

About our Classes

Bhangra Empire’s Bhangra Classes began in the summer of 2009, and have grown steadily ever since! Classes are offered in 6 cities across the Bay Area: San Jose, Fremont, Dublin, San Ramon, Mountain View, and San Francisco. We have classes available for ages 5 and up! By the end of the session, each student will have learned a 4-5 minute routine, which will be performed during the last class, our Dance Off. Register for classes HERE!


Our Dance Off is a show that we throw at the end of each class session. Each class performs what they learned over the 8 week session in a friendly competition. It is an opportunity for our students to perform on a proper stage in front of their family and friends. The audience is also treated to special performances by Bhangra Empire. For more information visit our Dance Off Page HERE!

About our Staff

Our staff is comprised of instructors that have a strong passion for Bhangra. They are experienced, enthusiastic, and extremely dedicated. Many of our instructors also have experience in other dance forms. To learn more about each of our instructors, please visit our Teachers Page HERE!


Sponsors help make our shows a reality and help give our students the opportunity to perform on a stage. We are extremely fortunate to have many sponsors that have supported us for many years now. If you would like to sponsor our show, please fill out the form on the following page HERE!