An investment into the future of our youth, community, and culture.
An investment into the future of Bhangra.


Bhangra Empire's Star Academy is geared towards students that have the passion and dedication to take their Bhangra skills to the next level. Our program is for students between the ages of 7 and 17. Though auditions are open to all experience levels, we highly recommend completing our Beginner and Intermediate classes before auditioning.


Our goal is to provide a structured year-round option for students that want to improve as Bhangra dancers and performers. Through a combination of class sessions, bootcamps, and workshops, we are focused on preparing students with the tools necessary to further expand their Bhangra careers as well as provide exciting performance opportunities.

Bhangra Empire
Little Stars
Ages 7 to 10

Bhangra Empire
Rising Stars
Ages 11 to 13

Bhangra Empire
Ages 14 to 17



    Auditions are held on an as-needed basis for all 3 teams. The audition process involves being taught a 45 second to 1 minute section of choreography. Once students have been given some time to practice and rehearse, students are then broken up into groups of 2-3 for the final audition. The entire audition process will take approximately 60 to 90 minutes.

    Students will be updated with their audition status within 1 week of the audition. An email will be sent with the results as well as class recommendations, if needed, as well.

    All 3 of our Academy teams are currently full. Our next auditions will take place in Spring of 2020.

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    Our academy teams require a level of commitment much greater than our normal classes. Below are a list of the high-level requirements students would need to adhere to:

    • Attend all classes punctually
    • Practice consistantly outside of class
    • Practice multiple times a week as we get closer to performances
    • Submit weekly videos of the routine. Videos will be reviewed by our team coaches and feedback will be given on how to improve


    Teams will also have the following opportunities throughout the year:

    • Teams will be featured at our Dance Off Showcase
    • Teams will make 3 choreo videos per year which will be featured on our YouTube Channel
    • External performance opportunities which could include NBA and MLB games, melas, and competitions
    • Graduating Seniors will be eligible to apply for the BE-A-Star Scholarship*

    * The BE-A-Star Scholarship program is set to begin in the 2020-2021 school year. Graduating seniors will be elligible to apply and earn a scholarship to go towards their college education. More information on this program will be coming soon!