SPRING 2024 Dance Off

Date: Saturday, March 23rd, 2024
First Show: 12:00PM - 2:30PM
Second Show: 4:00PM-6:30PM
Dougherty Valley Performing Arts Center
10550 Albion Road
San Ramon, CA 94582


Students that are enrolled in the Winter 2024 Class session and are participating in the Dance Off do not need to purchase tickets for the show in which they are performing. All other attendees must purchase a ticket.

If you have children performing in both shows, 1 parent will be allowed to use their ticket for both shows. All other family members and friends will need to purchase a ticket to each show. If this applies to you, please email us at to request a ticket for both shows.

Show Information

Bhangra Empire is proud to announce it's Spring 2024 Dance Off featuring performances from students across all of our classes!
Held at the Dougherty Valley Performing Arts Center, the Dance Off will provide students an opportunity to showcase what they learned on an amazing stage. Come out and support all of our students, enjoy an entertaining show, and watch a special BRAND NEW performance by Bhangra Empire!

Early Bird Tickets - $25 (Until Feb 29th)
Regular Tickets - $30 (March 1st-March 22nd)
Day Of Tickets - $35 (if available)

Please Note - We expect both shows to sell out and will not have tickets available at the door so make sure you get your tickets before it is too late!

Dance Off Policies - There is no food or drink except for bottled water allowed on the premises. This includes the auditorium, lobby, and backstage areas. Please dispose of all of your trash in the appropriate places (trash cans). All Bhangra Empire events are alcohol free zones. Anybody found in disregard of these policies will be asked to immediately leave and not be allowed to attend any future Bhangra Empire events. 


1) Dublin + Fremont Toddlers
2) Dublin Beginner Kids (Weds/Thurs)
3) Dublin Intermediate Kids (Saturdays)
4) Dublin Advanced Kids
5) Little Stars
6) Dublin Intermediate Adults (Thursdays)
7) Dublin Beginner Adults (Wed/Thurs)
8) Dublin Intermediate Kids (Wednesdays)
9) Dublin Beginner Kids (Saturdays 11-12)
10) Rising Stars
11) Dublin Beginner Kids (Saturdays 2-3)
12) Dublin Intermediate Adults (Saturdays)
13) Dublin Giddha
14) Dublin Beginner Adults (Saturdays)
15) Shining Stars
16) Dublin Beginner Kids (Sundays)
17) Dublin Advanced Adults
18) Dublin Beginner Adults (Sundays)
19) Bhangra Empire

Please Note: Show order is subject to change if necessary


1) San Jose Beginner Kids (Saturdays)
2) Fremont Intermediate Adults
3)  Sacramento Beginner Kids
4) San Jose Intermediate Kids
5) Sacramento Beginner Adults
6) Shooting Stars
7) Mountain View Beginner Adults
8) Sacramento Intermediate All Ages
9) Fremont Beginner Kids
10) Mountain View Advanced Adults
11) Sunnyvale/San Jose Beginner Adults (Saturdays)
12) Mountain View Intermediate Adults
13) San Jose Beginner Kids (Sundays)
Fremont Intermediate Kids
15) All-Stars
16) Sunnyvale Beginner Kids
17 San Jose Beginner Adults (Sundays)
18) San Jose Intermediate Adults
19) Fremont Beginner Adults
20) Bhangra Empire

Please Note: Show order is subject to change if necessary


Show Meeting Time: If you are in the first show, doors will open at 11:30AM. If you are in the second show, doors will open at 3:30PM. Nobody will be allowed in the theater before doors open. If you are meeting early to practice with your class or to get ready, it will be outside of the venue. Please coordinate times with your teachers.

Performer Seating: There will be a section for performers to sit with their classes and watch the show. Your teacher will let you know where that is.

Pagh and Chadra Help: We are still finalizing this, however we hope to have somebody before each show helping tie Paghs and Chadras. Stay tuned for more details on that.

Outfit Rental Return: If you rented outfits from Bhangra Empire, please return them after the show in the packaging you received them including all the bags. We will have a designated person handling that in the lobby. Please do not return outfits to your teachers. If you do not return your outfit after the show, you will need to return it in Dublin by Monday March 25th.

Awards: We will be awarding a Viewers Choice Award in each show and one MVP per class/team.

T-Shirts for Sale: Brand new exclusive Bhangra Empire Shirts will be available for presale on our website. Youth shirts will be $25 and Adult Shirts will be $30. Shirts will be available for pickup on the day of the show.