Student Deposit


Deposits are required for each student in the academy

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Student Deposit Requirements

Due to attendance issues, last minute cancellations, students not submitting videos, students not performing at dance offs and many other issues during past years, we will be implementing a new deposit system for each student to hold them accountable for their commitments. Details of the program are below:

    • Each student is required to pay a $100 deposit fee to confirm their spot on the team (this is outside of the session registration fee)
    • The $100 deposit will be required at the beginning of each session
    • This deposit fee will be refunded in full at the end of the season (November 2022) as long as students meet the following requirements:
          • Perform at all 3 Dance-Offs in the year (dates are already finalized for these)
          • Miss no more than 2 practices per session (there are 9 practices each session)
          • Miss submitting weekly videos no more than twice per session (9 videos will be due each session)
          • Please note that there are no exceptions to these rules once the session has begun
    • If a student does not meet the above requirements during the session, the deposit fee will be forfeited and a meeting will be setup to discuss the future of the student on the team.
    • If a student chooses not to enroll for a session, the deposit fee will be forfeited and student fees will continue for the next session or until Bhangra Empire is able to find a suitable replacement